Me And Music!!

The reason why I’m sharing this slid show of ‘MUSIC’ with you, is because when I was around six years old I started doing guitar at school, and ended up loving it, I played at: masses, youth groups and assemblies . A couple of years later we moved, and I wanted to try out different instruments, so I did the recorder for about a year, and decided it wasn’t right for me. The piano was another one on the list that I wanted to do, and I started going to lessons for two years, but then I stopped.  For one year I stopped doing lessons for my instruments and stuck to sports at school and out of school I forgot how to do a chord on guitar.

It was a couple of weeks before St Patrick’s day in 2009 and my mate Gemma and I were watching a video clip on YouTube, it was a slow piano version of ‘Every time We Touch’ by Cascada, it reminded me about I used to play, so I learnt it by ear and I thought that I could be brave enough to play it at our school twilight fair on St Patrick’s day.

From then on I kept learning songs off YouTube for piano and guitar all by ear,  It was that day I wanted to keep music close to me forever and i did.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

Means no worries for the rest of your days. The Lion King is a classic especially there song ” Hakuna Matata”. For me it is so cool and cheerful and funny also you can use that word  in school, outside and any time things go wrong  just say Hakuna Matata and I guess it will take everything away. ( well not quite ). For this week my motto is hakuna matata. Hopefully it will help me with my problems. Here I’ll write down some of the lyrics….

Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase,HakunaMatata ain’t no passing craze It means no worries for the rest of your days, It’s our problem free, philosophy.                              HAKUNA MATATA

Learn By Ear. Like Me.

Have you ever tryed playing music by ear?

Well that’s what I do nearly ever time I want to learn a song. On piano and guitar. When I do learn those songs I show them to my friends every time there is a piano or a guitar near us ( my friends would back me up on that ).

Learning by ear for me is the easiest way to know music. I used to take piano lessons but always ended up going my own way. ” I was very independent” I still am kind-of.

I love trying out every song that comes on the radio, I’d jump on to the computer and type up Youtube and find somebody playing that tune and watch there hands move.  I’d get it “nearly” straight away. ( sometimes )

The songs I like playing is modern music like…
. Hold my hand/Michel Jackson & Akon
. Everytime we touch/Cascada
. A thousand miles/Vanessa Carlton
. That should be me/Justin Bieber
And more. I guess you can name it.

My older brother showed me A Thousand Miles and I loved it. Everytime I got the chance I hopped on the piano and started where I left off and just got into loving it.

The guitar I learned from my cousin we spend time playing the songs we learn and sometimes teach each other ( he’s better than me ) I love that also.

You see even if your not that type of person it’s always good to give things ago. So try it out if you have any musical instruments in your house pick it up,find a song and jam into it. I’ll bet your bottom dollar that it will turn out really cool and you will get in the hang of it. Like I did.
Bye for now : )