fruit bulliesphoto © 2009 Susie Cagle | more info (via: Wylio)

A couple of weeks ago Miss T showed us a video about “bullying”, A 13yr old girl stood up for what was right, half of me thinks  that’s incredible but  then the other half says “why should a girl same age as me ( kind of ) have to stand up” even though it’s good what she did why her?

Anyway she was very strict on what she was saying she goes to a mixed college and lucky for her she hasn’t been bullied yet. Apparently there is heaps of bullying that goes on at her college and she couldn’t stand it so she complained. What she shouldn’t have to do is go back and do it again but she did.

The bullying didn’t stop then she got frustrated and wanted to talk to Prime Minister John Key and guess what she did.

I was very shocked that she had to go see our Prime Minister which meant it was very very bad. On her facebook even the people who are the bullies are agreeing with her and definitely the people who are having to be bullied.

She is one lucky girl meeting the Prime Minister and getting what she wanted from him. Approval.