My Zoo visit

“Molly Molly” I shouted “where is it” Is what” replied Molly, “my social studies book” “What do you mean you just had it a minute ago”.

It was the last week of school for the year and our social studies teacher Miss Lea thought it would be nice to take us to the place that has the coolest Animals lions, Tigers, Rhinos and my favorite, Monkeys.

When we first entered the zoo we saw on the left Monkeys and Baboons and on the right hippos and Rhinos, of course not in the same cage that would be funny.

My eyes were so impressed by the site of it all, it was like a whole new place, Amazing.

That’s when I was so excited I dropped my books and things and ran to the Monkey cage. “Wow Miss Lea take a look at this” I laughed “Come on now children we have a lot to see in so little time”. “Oh I can’t wait” I said to Molly.

As the sun began to get higher in the sky, I began to get thirsty and tired looking at all those beautiful animals. The view was brilliant but the time was getting shorter like Miss Lea said.

“Molly” I whispered “What now” she replied “Molly where’s my book do you have it”? “No Sam I don’t” “Oh no I probably left it at the Bird cage quick lets go back there, hurry”.

Molly and I ran to the bird cage, “nope no sign of it” so we ran to the lion cage, still no book, no pencil no pen. “Sam maybe it’s at the Monkey cage that was your favorite place. Very quickly we ran to the monkey cage, and there it was. “I’ve must have been side track or something” “Quick lets get back to the group before Miss Lea spots us missing”.

2 thoughts on “My Zoo visit

  1. Tam:

    This story brings back a few memories of a Zoo visit.

    Molly and Sam and Miss Lea are well-drawn characters.

    I wonder if any of them would like to go to the Zoo at night after the sun goes down? One zoo experience I remember is probably Jazz at the Zoo.

  2. Hey Tamara!

    I think this is a great story about the Zoo and like Adelaide it brings back alot of memories!

    I would also like to say that I loved the way you used descripitive words though out the story.


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