Is It Good Or Bad?

Only five more weeks until I have finally finished primary school, man this year seems like it’s gone so fast. Everybody I know has basically asked the same question “Are you excited for College?”,my answer then,and now would be… “maybe?”my cousins ( who are already there ) say it’s really cool. For some people that’s a good thing,because they’d believe them but for others ( like me on the other hand ) are terrified!

I’m not sure why I’m: scared,arfaid or terrified with the idea of having to go to  secondary school, I guess it’s the fact of having to start over and being the new kids again. My older brother said he’d call me a Terd when I get there, I think it’s a good thing, and if it’s not well, I try to think it is.

I no now that I will never no if it’s either good or bad until I get there,but I am wishing that I will be able to blend in. Fingers crossed.

This guy has a really good voice ( as you can see ) and I thought to show how good this Kiwi boy is, at singing, as well as playing the guitar ( far better then me!)
-see ya

The Rugby Prayer For RWC!

Our players who art in Black, hallowed be thy game.
When full time comes,Thy will be doneIn 2011 as it was in ’87.
Give us each game, our daily victory and forgive us our previous shortcomings as we forgive those who coached in 07.
And lead us NOT, to knock out round failure but deliver us from World Cup drought,
In the name of McCaw, Carter and the Holy Webb Ellis. 😛


By the way I did not write this piece

RWC 2011!!!

It was an anticipating wait but the Rugby World Cup is FINALLY here ! I was really pumped for the game , New Zealand vs Tonga , which we won , CHEEEAHOOO! The opening ceremony was pretty awesome,especially the part with Jonah Lomu being a special character, that was my favorite part. I enjoyed watching the lights on the rugby shaped screen on the playing field and the blo karts coming out were cool as too , aswell as the fireworks.

I’m really excited about who’s going to win the cup,hopefully the All Blacks!

Me And Music!!

The reason why I’m sharing this slid show of ‘MUSIC’ with you, is because when I was around six years old I started doing guitar at school, and ended up loving it, I played at: masses, youth groups and assemblies . A couple of years later we moved, and I wanted to try out different instruments, so I did the recorder for about a year, and decided it wasn’t right for me. The piano was another one on the list that I wanted to do, and I started going to lessons for two years, but then I stopped.  For one year I stopped doing lessons for my instruments and stuck to sports at school and out of school I forgot how to do a chord on guitar.

It was a couple of weeks before St Patrick’s day in 2009 and my mate Gemma and I were watching a video clip on YouTube, it was a slow piano version of ‘Every time We Touch’ by Cascada, it reminded me about I used to play, so I learnt it by ear and I thought that I could be brave enough to play it at our school twilight fair on St Patrick’s day.

From then on I kept learning songs off YouTube for piano and guitar all by ear,  It was that day I wanted to keep music close to me forever and i did.